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Peeties Pedigree
Lilly's Pedigree
Pebbles Pedigree
Cocoa's Pedigree
Spanky's Pedigree's(retired)
MICKEY'S PEDIGREE (Spanky's son)
Peaches Pedigree(Retired)
Lulu's Pedigree(retired)
Darla's pedigree(Retired)
Lucky's Pedigree(retired)


1. For puppies we use a plastic kitty slicker brush with plastic little nibs at the end, followed by a fine metal comb.(I find the kitten brushes work better on my dogs and it wont irritate the skin, followed by the metal comb gets out any missed tangles).) Brush and Comb your dog every day! It only takes 5 minutes and your puppy will get used to it and enjoy their special time with you. Make it fun and relaxing.

2. Nutri-Stat in the yellow tube-( This is a vitamin supplement) Every day before you feed your puppy, put a pea size drop on your finger and let him lick it up. Just as you would give a child vitamins daily to supplement his/her food to be healthy, your puppy needs the same benefits for a healthy immune system. As they get older you can use Pet tabs OF, and break them in Quarters, according to your Yorkies weight.

3. Potty Pads- Get the ones with the attraction scent in them. Your new puppy has a tiny bladder and has to use the potty pad every few hours. So don't think you can sleep with your puppy, or expect accident or even a tragedy of falling off the bed because he/she is trying to find food, water, or thier potty pad. Keep your puppy in his playpen at night!

4. Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies. You only have to use this once a month, and fleas can kill a young puppy or make them anemic really fast! Please ask your vet what he recommends.

5. Feed your puppy Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dry Dog Food.
Always have a bowl of food and clean water available for your puppy at all times. Yes, even at night! DO NOT EVER WITH HOLD FOOD OR WATER WITH YORKIES!
Yorkies are nibblers and will nibble and drink every couple hours, even when you are sleeping. You can find Royal Canin puppy for Yorkshire Terriers at Pets-mart, Petco, Amazon or

6. Please remember to get you puppy it's shots and vet check ups, just as you would do for your children! I have done the first set of shots, 3 dewormings, Fecal float / Fecal smear, now just 2 more sets and your finished, otherwise you will have to start all over again.

7. Buy your puppy a playpen. Your puppy will need a safe place to sleep, take naps and to be put when you work, sleep, go somewhere or when nobody is supervising his whereabouts. Puppies can get into more things then you could ever think of. Food, toys, garbage, etc. and sometimes it is fatal. You have invested a lot of money and time in this puppy, keep it in a puppy proof area. Iris makes a great sturdy, portable playpen, you can buy 1 and get 2 extra panels, so your puppy has enough room for it's bed, potty pad, food, water and area to play. You need to put a potty pad on one side, bedding on the opposite side, and a bowl of dry food and water in the middle. This is essential to have this for the safety of your puppy. You can also go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a piece of vinyl flooring to put under it so cleaning is a breeze. Please keep this area clean and sanitary or your puppy can get sick just like a baby.

8. Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner- Do not bath more than 2 times a month, the oils in a Yorkies hair are essential to prevent a dry coat. Do not get shampoo or conditioner in eyes, if by accident you do, use some eye drops to clear it out.

9. Dog Leash and Harness- ONLY HARNESS TYPE! A regular neck collar can collapse their trachea and cause death. I would wait until you get your puppy home because they really or they can get out. Most people have to buy a kitten harness. It will be a fun first outing to Pets-mart!

10. Travel cage- Something that you can take your dog on trips,outings and to the vet.

11. Ok your Yorkie is One year old! Happy Birthday! Now we can graduate to Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier 28 adult dog food or Eukanuba Breed specific Yorkshire Terrier food for the next 20 years!

A few other notes, make sure you and anyone else washes their hands before handling the puppy, just as a new born can catch a cold and it turns into something more serious, this can happen to your puppy. One trip to the vet can cost you $100-$1000's.
Do not let small children handle the puppy without adult supervision!( Make sure they wash their hands each time before holding the puppy too!) You need to sit right next to the child and puppy! They don't mean to hurt or drop the puppy but it happens, puppies are wiggly and they could break a leg, get head trauma, etc., etc. Always supervise children holding your new baby at all times! This is not the child's fault, it is the parent's responsibility. Be responsible.( I don't mean to be harsh but this has happened and I don't' want anything to happen to your puppy.)

If you have other pets gradually introduce them, they will eventually become best friends.

I will get your first set of shots(6 weeks), but make sure you get thier 9, 12 and 16 week shots, it is nessesary to help thier immune system, at your 9 week visit ask your vet for Frontline Plus or something he recommends- it is for fleas, ticks, flys, mites, etc. I like frontline plus because it does not wash off if you give them a bath. Make sure you apply it 3 days before or 3 days after a bath or it will not work properly.

Trim thier ear tips, the top third on the inside and out with a tiny pocket battery trimmer(Jeffers Pet Supply, pet stores and Walgreens carry these), or your groomer or vet can help you out with this.
Don't forget to trim their nails and expresses their anal glands. I suggest everyone takes their puppy to a good groomer that will let you watch them trim your puppy's tummy's, ears, around the butt, and clip it's nails, it's called the clean-up cut, it is so easy and after watching once you will easily be able to do it yourself. Make sure you get a groomer that is very experienced with Yorkies and does not give your Yorkie a schnauzer cut. Give your Yorkies tons of love and attention, and he will give you back even more.
Iris puppy playpen is $50.00. Amazon carries it.

Nutri-Stat in the yellow tube

Royal Canin MINI Yorkshire Terrier Puppy 29
Mini dry dog food made exclusively for the Yorkshire Terrier Breed

Ceramic or glass bowls only

Puppy Harness, like this
Wait until you get him fitted at the pet store.

All of these items can be found at Pets-Mart, Petco, wholesale),Amazon, Ebay or